Is psychology the Queen of science, for which all others sciences serve its duties?

Monday, August 13, 2012


There are fools trying to reconstruct after deconstruction.  These individuals have lacked vigour and end up doing the typical mash-up remix. ----------------------------------------->  This goes especially for academic scholars writing books.  Give it up and quit. 
Clutter the market with books. (( qqq)))))--> Those with a shred of intellect have thoroughly smeared every white space with how-to's.  They make reference and homage to all their philisophical heroes and even to pop-culture (the ones who cater purely to the lay-men take all the credit for themself) and they need to get a grip.  \\

Make yourself comfortable with your solitude with humor as your guidance.  There is a feeling that not harming others is good, why don't you do what you feel?

This is not about setting up laws and rules to live by, you do as you feel.

Read, view and watch with critique at mind and observe the symbolic nature of human action.

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