Is psychology the Queen of science, for which all others sciences serve its duties?

Monday, August 13, 2012


There are fools trying to reconstruct after deconstruction.  These individuals have lacked vigour and end up doing the typical mash-up remix. ----------------------------------------->  This goes especially for academic scholars writing books.  Give it up and quit. 
Clutter the market with books. (( qqq)))))--> Those with a shred of intellect have thoroughly smeared every white space with how-to's.  They make reference and homage to all their philisophical heroes and even to pop-culture (the ones who cater purely to the lay-men take all the credit for themself) and they need to get a grip.  \\

Make yourself comfortable with your solitude with humor as your guidance.  There is a feeling that not harming others is good, why don't you do what you feel?

This is not about setting up laws and rules to live by, you do as you feel.

Read, view and watch with critique at mind and observe the symbolic nature of human action.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Modal hemispheres

The left side of the brain is what gives humans the ability to ask why something happened but the brain has limited processing ability of through this happened.  A being in the 4th dimension would have a better grasp on this.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Can You Grasp?

There is the the choice whether to follow the most comfortable preconception or to explore the alternative.  Surprising comfort may arise from transferring to the alternative.  What may happen is a something happens that you may find yourself now preferring the alternative.  Eventually you make more sense of the alternative.

oh yeah, that's right

Inert symbols have meaning.  You can feel it.

  But what of them,  Why do you care?
Are you going to go where you are directed?

This is all to do with lifeThe current is predictability but the movement
is  tangential.
El tango de "..." ---------------------- you

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Expressive Logic with Fashion Sense

Location, location, location.
Who is trying to display the self through designer cuts?

Imagine what is comfortable to wear.   Fresh ideas on how to dress, unfamiliar shades and so on, this is the essence of what you find appealing. Think of the profundity of symbols and their connections to embroidery.  What is so (un)original about crossover seams?  What of the-e-e-e-earthy tones, walnuts other earthy things that may have a connection to cropped pants and boots.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Laws of Reality and the Joke of Science

Those of you who live amongst your emotions, you will recognize the meta-content.

If you feel as if your mind has been thoroughly scrambled...good.

If you have a shred of scientific inclination, read on.

Laws are brought into fruition because of a complete lack of order.  A legislative body doesn't bother with unknown, unseen or non-existing issues until there is at least a minute perception of a threat to its existence - or perhaps, its non-exsistence (think of the weight of this preposition)Think about physics.

Perhaps there is more to gravity?

gravitas and dignity.  Keep in mind that there is no absolute consensus on what is moral.  Though this might not mean what you think it means since there is a feeling around what seems to be "right"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Look at yourself

You cannot separate your self from the rest of the situation because it is you who is the observer.  How are you going to go about it otherwise?  Good luck.

You assemble every thought symbolically.  This means that your ideas and thoughts are given shape through symbols.  Take the most unified symbol, the circle and work from there.

If you want to avoid a slump into pathology, you will have to evaluate the framework for which you view the world.  That is to say, the symbols must be scrutinized.  Ironically, what will you be using to go about this?

The subtlety and intricacy is what seems to be most common (as opposed to overt symbols, or in other words, familiarity) when you are immersed in a situation that is unfamiliar.  One has little choice but to drop the Linear faculty and ride the course with great humor.

Logic seems to be an adequate guideline but there is something else that will get you to where you may be more comfortable.  It would seem that the symbiosis of emotions and logic are the profoundest forces when it comes to delivering oneself to calmer waters.

Is inner peace attainable?
Can science find resolution to unanswered questions?


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Psychology is so fun!

Little tidbits of information being "reported" by credible journals and media outlets.  Psychology is still desperate to be seen as a legitimate science!  Each episode of statistical gathering begins much like any process in science.  One asks a question...hold on, sometimes there is not even a question being posed.  You can forget about a hypothesis being assigned in its place.  The desperation is so frantic that one can no longer keep up with all these revelations about human nature.  Do not cite a study older than 20 years (or less) if you are putting together an essay.
Cognitive Science, how will you help those people who actually live outside the lab?
Here is your homework: Go out into a public space and observe the habits of others.  If they catch you doing so, observe the changes in their behavior.  You will have proven the worth of this particular aspect of the social sciences.  The implications are far reaching.  With this in mind, take a look at the careful words of the Fed chairman as his tongue dances with the Secretary of Treasury.

Ladies (and gentlemen) of ambition, you majors of liberal arts, takers of psychology undergrad and graduate classes, you have so much potential until you quit and join your friends who were once proud to call themselves artists (graphic designers?).  Is marketing worth the pay?  Now direct your energy outwards and impose it on others!  I wanna be me, I wanna have nice things and see nice places...and...I...We are the 99%!

Hipsters, there is no new black and chillwave was just not chill enough.  However, irony is one of many steps on the staircase of advancement.  Additionally, various things are ambiguous and dreams are how we feel symbolically.

The growing frequency of subtlety and intricacy is becoming more overt as paradox gently becomes the new truth.

Physicists should be commended for their boldness and just as they are navigating the depths of the unknown, so too, must you direct your attention towards the uncharted territories (within yourself).


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Critique of Critical Theory

Those who lean towards intellectual discourse have thoroughly smeared every white space with their nitpicking about what is wrong with each and every institution and dogma.

 There are those who have it in their heads that humanity will see its dreams of utopia (and you know you have them) realized by a new, secularized, mathy messiah.  These will be the individuals who will bring about a new heaven on earth.  You will feel so good about yourself when you are using a limitless supply of clean energy to power devices that just work.  The entire world will accept you as the individual that you are (Your former friends who work in marketing will care so much about your desires and aspirations.  They will truly be there for you like never before!).  You will experience interconnectedness.

The future is bright for interconnectivity